Friday, August 12, 2011

Derradda / Green Way Artists Closed Exhibit

The exhibition took place in Derradda Community Centre in Burrishoole, Newport in early August.

This closed exhibition marked the second coming together of The Greenway Artists Initiative.

Artists who took part in exhibition were Michael Mc Loughlin, Anthony Mc Namee, Pamela Gray, Breda Burns, Grainne O Reilly, Michael O Neill, Ger Sweeney, Lucy Hill, Ian Wieczorek, Margaret Duffy, Richard Hearns, Benita Stoney, Michael Gannon, Betty Gannon, Maureen O Neill, Susie Quinn and Tony Pilbro

A picnic lunch was serve to the journalists by Sinead Cusack and Teresa Conway. The journalists ranged from The Sun, The Star, Evening Herald, Womans Way and The RTE Travel Magazine.

As a means of evaluating the Green Way Artists future plans, endevors and directives here is our current - Mission Statement:

Create a cultural initiative for the county using The Great Western Greenway as a catalyst to encourage international, national and local art initiatives.

1. Develop local/national/international arts initiatives for the benefit of local communities in County Mayo.
2. Develop local/national/international arts initiatives to encourage cultural tourism for the county.
3. Develop a network of local professional artists.
4. Create opportunities and employment for local professional artists.
5. Develop skills and capacity of local artists through mentoring.
6. Create educational opportunities for artists and the local community through developmental arts initiatives.
7. Develop links with local, national and international arts organizations to promote arts in County Mayo.
8. Develop links with local, national and international cultural, health, social agencies and organizations to promote the Greenway as a symbol of County identity.

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